ROLA is a specialized & innovation-focused IT tech provider offering pioneering automotive IT solutions for the automobile manufacturing industry with a focus on engineering for sustainable development.

We are a full-service IT innovator with over 200 tech experts positioned across 4 continents to impact Digitalization in the Automotive Industry with cutting-edge technologies such as Enterprise Mobility Solutions and IoT, powered with AI & ML and Predictive Analysis algorithms.

Offering niche green solutions to improve operational efficiency, and effectively cut down costs and environmental impacts, ROLA caters to the needs of the now and the future of the Automotive And Mobility industry.

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Our Services

Our Services.


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Technology Stack

With a solid background in engineering mobile and web-based applications, integrated with cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML & IoT, ROLA offers mature automotive IT solutions for the modern mobility manufacturing industry.

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Industry Expertise

ROLA is founded upon 20+ years of experience offering Digital Transformation Solutions for several including the automotive industry, with in-depth knowledge of the nuances of the automotive business landscape.

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Ready-to-deploy PoCs

With a clear intent to promote disruptive automotive technology solutions, we have engineered mature PoCs for each use case - these implementations are replete with the necessary technologies to ensure they offer comprehensive value to your business.

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Global footprint

With more than 14000 man years of cumulative experience and a presence in 4 continents, we provide bespoke IT solutions for global automotive businesses, offering immense digital value to legacy industries & enterprises.

Automate & digitalize production & distribution and accelerate the future

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Our automotive IT solutions offer unique operational benefits that are missing in the industry now. Would you like to know how?

How do ROLA's solutions/services differ from other typical automotive technology solutions providers?

With a specific focus on providing Automation and Digitization in the Automotive Industry, ROLA integrates technologies such as predictive analytics and automation to improve and optimize manufacturing & distribution processes. ROLA also caters to the edge of innovation in the automotive industry such as EVs and drones, and impacts the industry overall, by bettering legacy systems and bringing them closer to the future of the industry.

How do our innovative automotive IT solutions disrupt the industry?

As an innovative automotive tech solution provider, our solutions are positioned to create immense value for the industry through niche implementations of cutting-edge technology and applications.

How does digital adoption benefit automotive parts manufacturers?

Digital adoption allows automotive parts manufacturers to capitalize on cutting-edge tech to optimize operations and improve productivity. Our IT solutions for the automotive industry are designed to help your business embrace digital technologies and move toward the future.

How automation adoption improves the efficiency of automotive manufacturing plant operations?

Automation is at the core of plant operations of any automotive manufacturing organization, and semi or full automation can offer real benefits for your business, including lesser manpower, optimized processes, and reduced product inconsistencies or wasted materials.

What does digital transformation really mean for automotive OEM manufacturers?

Digital Transformation in the automotive industry will impact everything from the ground up. With a definitive digital mindset, legacy processes and systems will be updated to cater to the demands of the current market.

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As an innovative automotive tech solutions provider, we offer a mix of plug-and-play and customizable solutions to enhance your automotive operations. Our automotive IT solutions offer companies a unique advantage over traditional systems.

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