Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Our dealer management system leverages one of the most powerful platforms in the world-digital, to help you sell your next car!

We strongly believe that our passion for revving engines is worth sharing. So, we help you connect with potential customers who understand and embrace the nuances of the automotive industry.

In simple words, we are the shortest distance between you and your potential customers.


Inventory Management

Our inventory management system helps you manage all your stock in a single place. Managing contracts, vehicle costs, documents, time, price- everything gets auto updated even if anything changes.

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Finance Management

Providing a wide range of financing options to your customer increases the odds of closing a deal. Our system bridges the gap between financial institutions and customers to facilitate flexible payment options and smoother transactions.


Effective & secure lead management system

Our DMS framework brings convenience and security under a single bracket for an efficient lead management system. Our system is designed for maximum privacy, and only you have direct access to your leads!

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White Labeling Software

We understand the importance of being unique in the automotive industry. We offer our system as a customized software that specifically suits your business needs and operations for a concierge business experience.


Decentralization of your Dealer business

Resource distribution is tricky, particularly if you have multiple business outlets. Decentralization of your resources helps you distribute your resources to all.


Reports and charts

We help you visualize your data at hand for a better understanding of your inventory in just a glance. Our reports and charts are precise, detailed, and yet easy to understand.

Our automotive industry solutions envision a digital auction system that lets people participate in auctions irrespective of the barriers in the market.

The recent pandemic has highlighted the need to evolve beyond conventional business models. That's where our digital auction system comes into the picture.

We have developed an auction model that captures and combines the functionality of a real auction yet is versatile through digitalization.

fair bidding

Fair Bidding

Our system aims to create a digital auction platform that keeps the process fair and tight. This gives everyone an equal chance to participate in the bidding process.

variety bidding

Variety of Bidding Methods

We felt the need to diversify the auction platform to attract maximum customer participation and retainment. We have 3 types of auction

payment gateway

Payment Gateway Integration

Closing on the deal has never been easier. Being an expert IT solutions provider, we understand the need to create a safe and secure payment gateway and, at the same time, be functional and swift!

push notification

Custom Push Notifications

Our system lets users customize their auction preferences. Whenever a product that fits within the user’s preference pops up, the system will automatically send notifications to the users.

live update

Accurate Live Update

Time is the essence of the auctions. Therefore, we designed our system to send precise and accurate updates to the users so that they can stay on their toes.

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White Label software solutions

We also offer white label software to our high-profile customers who have specific business needs. Our white label solutions intersect their business right between brand experience and business experience.

Data is the new oil! In a digitally connected world, leveraging cleansed data is the most practical way to scale up. With the latest tech innovations, harvesting data has become more affordable, viable, and of course, creative!

Our data engineering services are specifically designed to extract the maximum potential for the Automotive Industry. Also, data inspired decisions are highly modular and effective.

From stock management to marketing to manufacturing- data plays a vital role in the automotive industry. It brings more context to the table resulting in higher efficiency and effectiveness.

extended warranty

Extended-Warranty cost analysis based on model and year

Warranty cost analysis gives the business a 360-degree view of the product horizon. This allows businesses to understand the risk margin and provide warranty services without burning their pocket.

spare parts

Lifetime of spare parts efficiency analysis

Understanding the lifecycle of the spare parts can save you a ton of money. Data analytics help you predict the failure point of the spare parts and show you a realistic timeline for repair, warranty, replacement, maintenance, etc.


Streamlining manufacturing/production

The production line in the automotive industry has seen a dramatic rise in technology and efficiency in the past few decades. Infusing data analytics into manufacturing can help you streamline the process, allowing you to save costs and increase productivity.

supply chain

Supply chain management

There is always space for optimization in supply chain management. In fact, understanding the pulse of supply chain management can bring exponential change in operations. Also, it helps a great deal in resource management and tracking.

customer behaviour

Customer behaviour analytics

Big data penetration in the automotive sector is inevitable, given the size and growth of the market. In addition, big data analytics can give a deeper understanding of customer behaviour in such a highly volatile sector.


Research and development

Research & Development is impossible without data analytics. A high level of understanding of the context and the operations involved are required for an effective R&D department. This is possible only through advanced data engineering systems.

The first gasoline-powered car came into existence in 1885. Twenty-seven years later, Ford started producing 146 cars per hour through the “assembly line method”. From this point onwards, locomotion started to shape up.

Fast forward to the 21st century, we have sent the first car to space. Our satellites have become more powerful, and commercial space travel is on the near horizon.

Technology is the primary force that propelled humanity from a car moving at 3 miles per hour to space travel. At ROLA, we will keep this spirit of Innovation intact by empowering the automotive industry with our revolutionary technology solutions!


Space exploration

We strongly believe that technology has the potential to make space exploration more viable in the near future. Our solutions will always be a part of such an ambitious mission to keep the very essence of our species intact.


Rekindling the “adrenaline rush.”

One of the main reasons why people love locomotives is because of the power it generates. We want to push innovation in this industry while simultaneously containing this “thrill” factor.


An extension of yourself

We want cars to be an extension of ourselves. Our advanced IoT system helps us create a state-of-the-art digital ecosystem for automobiles for a highly personal and customized locomotive experience.


Alternative Energy

Net-zero has always been a part of our organization. We work towards this goal by setting up the premises for an alternative energy source that’s comparatively greener and lighter on the earth.


Beyond wheels

Sea routes have always been a major part of international logistics flow. Our tech solutions aim to optimize logistics operations both in terms of effectiveness and resource management.

new market

Creating a new market

Our goal is to revolutionize the whole aspect of transportation and logistics. We want to reimagine the system in such a way that it saves time, money, and energy during the process. We empower businesses and people to embrace innovations and accommodate these changes in the market.



Ever since humanity invented the wheel, the innovation curve exponentially shot up. It allowed the movement of goods, people, and ideas across the earth. Our state-of-the-art automotive IT services aim to help people move, travel, explore, and be dynamic! Built on an influential platform, ROLA combines IT solutions and culture to solve one of the most compelling problems in the world- to move.

The sole purpose of the creation of ROLA is to empower people with the necessary "tools'' to transform their perspective on exploration.ROLA is serious about creating a sustainable future by urging people to choose alternative automobile solutions. Our business model is designed in such a way that it contributes to the Net-zero mission. We want to NORMALIZE the reusing and recycling of automobiles in the market and substantially transform our environment.

We help you be the best version of yourself!

Our solutions make you even stronger, simpler, effective, and most importantly, help you be the best version of yourself! Connect with us now!

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